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Specifications for alloys that we frequently cast and certify can be viewed by clicking the following links. You will find UNS numbers, ASTM numbers, SAE numbers, Mil-Spec. numbers, chemical compositions, tensile and yield strengths, melting temperatures, typical applications, fabrication properties, and other essential engineering data for each alloy. 

ANSI 319.0

ANSI 356.0 with heat treatments T5 and T6

ANSI 713.0 ASTM-B26, ASTM-B108, Alloy-713.0-F & Alloy-713.0-T (Tenzaloy)

Aluminum Bronze 

UNS C95200 ASTM-B148, SAE-J461, SAE-J462 (formerly ASTM-B148-9A

UNS C95400 ASTM-B66, ASTM-148, ASTM-B763, SAE-J461, SAE-J462, ASTM-B148-9C

UNS C95500 ASTM-B148, ASTM-B763, SAE-J461, SAE-J462, ASTM-B148-9D

Nickel Aluminum Bronze    

UNS C95800 ASTM-B148, ASTM-B763, SAE-J461, SAE-J462, MIL-B-24480

Leaded Red Brass

UNS C83450 (Oshalloy, AH115) ASTM-B30, ASTM-B763, ASTM-B584, ASTM-A494

UNS C83600 ASTM-B62, ASTM-B584, ASTM-B145-4A, SAE-J461, SAE-J462, MIL-C-15345

Tin Bronze, G Bronze   

UNS C90300 ASTM-B584, ASTM-B763, SAE-J461, SAE-J462 ASTM-B143-1B, MIL-C-15345-8,

UNS C90500 (Gun Metal) ASTM-B22, ASTM-B584, ASTM-763, ASTM-B143-1A, SAE-J461, SAE-J462

UNS C90700 (Tin Bronze) ASTM-B427, ASTM-B505, SAE-65, SAE-J461, SAE-J462
Manganese Bronze (High Strength)    

UNS C86300 ASTM-B22, ASTM-B58, ASTM-B22-E, ASTM-B147-8C

UNS C86500 ASTM-B584, ASTM-B147-8A

Silicon Brass

UNS C87500 ASTM-B584, ASTM-B763, ASTM-B198-13B

UNS C87600 ASTM-B584, ASTM-B763, ASTM-B198-13C

Our Processes:
Aftermarket rush jobs, prototypes, and small quantity production (1-500 pieces) are our specialty, and we have no minimum order requirements.

We frequently produce sand castings that weigh only a few ounces and we also pour castings that weigh up to 1,200 pounds. We are ready to work with you and we can compete favorably with anyone in the U.S.A.

We would like an opportunity to prepare a price quotation for your next sand casting job. Allow us to tell you m ore about the process:

Our sand casting foundry is able to produce exactly the part you need through a variety of processes. Each process allows us to tailor the cast to your exact specifications and requirements. Our casting capabilities allow us to accommodate sizes from a few ounces to 300 lbs for aluminum, and up to 1200 lbs in brass or bronze.

Our skilled craftsmen use a variety of methods to cast your part including green sand molding, shell core molding, and chemically bonded sand molding. Each one has their advantages and we’d be happy to discuss which molding process would benefit you the best. We also feature a variety of furnaces including an induction swing furnace and a gas fired melting furnace so we’re able to melt and pour a variety of non-ferrous metals.

Our efficient processes allow us accommodate production runs from 1 to 500 pieces in a timely manner. If the casted part you require is mission critical, that’s not a problem either, as we’re able to do rush jobs without issue. Also, our no minimum order requirements makes getting any prototypes you require a breeze.

To aid you in the process of choosing which molding method or furnace to fire a particular alloy, we offer design consultation which guarantees you get the proper casted part for your particular needs.

Not sure what green sand molding is or how an induction swing furnace can benefit you? Below you’ll find some brief definitions of some of the processes that we offer.

  • Induction Swing Furnace: Can efficiently and cleanly melt a variety of metals including steel and aluminum to prepare them to pour into your custom cast. Characteristics of an induction swing furnace include low emissions, and low metal oxidation.

  • Gas Fired Melting Furnace: Can also melt a variety of metals including bronze, brass, and nickel to prepare them to pour into your custom cast. Characteristics of a gas fired melting furnace include the ability to change out an alloy quickly, and low maintenance costs.

  • Green Sand Molding: Green sand molding or sand casting is the most common casting method in the casting industry and has existed for thousands of years. This method can be used to cast pretty much anything regardless of the type of alloy that is going to be used.

  • Chemically Bonded Sand Molding: This casting method also called the no-bake casting process is similar to green sand molding except for the fact that a urethane binder is added to the sand to make the mold. It’s one of the most efficient molding methods and is ideal for dimensional stability and an improved surface finish for the casted part.

  • Shell Core Molding: This casting process has been around since a little after WWII. Shell core molding is more automated, and faster than other methods. It’s best used for larger production runs or when dimensional accuracy is key.

Our customers demand the highest quality casted parts. Our mission is to exceed all our customers’ expectations through our excellent customer service, skilled craftsman, and a high quality casted part. Whether you need just one part or 500 our foundry can cater to your exact needs and specifications.

Need a prototype? Our no minimum order requirements makes us a great choice to produce you a custom made prototype. We’ll work with you to cast and finish a prototype that fits your needs perfectly. Don’t worry about the size because we can produce a casted prototype of different alloys from a few ounces up to 1200 lbs. We also offer design consultation so you can be sure that you’re prototype works exactly like you want it to.

Have a broken part? We understand that any down time you experience because of a broken part is money coming out of your pocket. That’s why it’s important to have someone that can get you a new part so you can get back to work. All our processes are designed to get you up and running quickly with a casting that meets your exact specifications.

Below you’ll find many of the industries that Anchor Castings Inc. has made casts for along with some of the typical parts that we can cast.

  • Pumping Equipment: Casting propellers, impellers, volutes, and other pumping equipment makes up a majority of our customer base so we know what it takes to cast precision pump and valve components. Our years of experience casting pumping equipment allows us to produce a long-lasting casted part to enhance product and pump performance. 

  • Farm Equipment: Any lost time due to farm equipment breakdown is unwanted and unacceptable. We can quickly cast farm parts to your exact specifications in a variety of alloys. Or, maybe, you’re just trying to increase the efficiency of your equipment. Our design consultation services can speak with you about what alloy and process would be most advantageous.

  • Marine Equipment: Marine equipment is susceptible to corrosion and it’s vitally important that your casted marine part is able to withstand constant exposure to the elements. Our foundry is able to cast your custom part in aluminum which is an alloy that has high strength and non-corrosive characteristics.

  • Truck Engines: An engine contains many components that are under constant pressure. The combination of our casting process and our attention to detail ensures that when you leave our foundry you’ll have a casted engine part that can handle the rigorous task of serving as a vital part of your engine.

  • Food Processing Equipment: We can cast and finish food processing equipment used in dairy and meat food packaging and other food processing machinery. We can produce a part that meets your specifications and strict guidelines to create a high precision, highly durable casted part.

  • Fire Fighting Equipment: Casted firefighting equipment needs to work when lives are at stake. We can produce you a precision casted part that is highly durable and meets your specifications and guidelines in the time frame that you need it.

  • Machines and Machine Tools: Do you need a specialty tool made? We can cast and finish a casted tool out of a variety of non-ferrous alloys to your exact specifications. Need a tool fast? We have a rush service that will get the casted machine tool done quickly.

  • Paper Processing Equipment: Paper production is extremely demanding and each machine part needs to work flawlessly with another. Our casting process can produce a precise part that works flawlessly in your paper processing system.

  • Architectural Restoration: They don’t make things like they used to, meaning many parts are unavailable. We can cast replacement parts in many different alloys or make a cast of an existing building feature allowing you to return a building to its original appearance.

  • Mechanical Drives: Casted mechanical drive parts can be exposed to harsh conditions and that’s why it’s important to have a casted mechanical drive part that can withstand these conditions.  Our non-ferrous sand casting foundry can produce you a specialized part that can withstand these rigorous conditions.

  • Valves and Fittings: A leaky valve simply won’t do. Our skilled craftsman are dedicated to meeting your specifications with a casted valve that is reliable, and pressure-tight. Our rush service is also available in case time is an issue. 

  • Custom Lighting: Are you trying to create something truly unique or trying to match existing fixtures? A custom casted light fixture can provide you with exactly the part you need so you can make that unique lighting statement or match the rest of the fixtures in your home or workplace.

  • Construction Equipment: Construction equipment needs to hold up to a lot of abuse, not only from the elements but from every day use as well. Our casting and finishing process will produce you a part that will stand up to the everyday rigors of construction work. Our rush service is also available to get you back on the job quickly.

  • Recreational Equipment: Whether you’re trying to improve your performance or fixing a broken part, the combination of our casting process and alloy selection allows us to produce a custom part that meets and/or exceeds the performance of the original.

  • Commemorative Plaques & Art:  We can help you commemorate a special event or accomplishment with a custom made commemorative plaque casting. We have different alloys such as bronze and aluminum to give you the look and finish you require. Plus, we have no minimum order requirements so we can produce exactly has many as you want, even if it’s just one.

We will work with you, and we specialize in Aftermarket Rush Jobs!

We offer a full range of services to finish your sand castings, and we have no minimum order requirements. If you prefer to use your own finishing services, that is fine with us. We aim to please.

  • Design Consultation
  • Fast-Response Program with no minimum order quantity
  • Pattern Development, Construction & Repair
  • Quality Non-Ferrous Castings
  • Full or partial Machining
  • Heat Treating
  • Certification & Testing
  • Polishing
  • Special Finishes

Sample Castings
We produce a wide range of sand castings and this is only a small sample. We take pride in the quality of our work and it shows. We will do the same with your order.

Request for Quote
We will be happy to prepare a price quotation for your next sand casting job. To prepare a quotation, we need to know:

  • What specific metal alloy is required for your casting
  • The cast weight, if available
  • If machining is required
  • If certifications are required
  • If there are X-ray, LP, or other special requirements.
  • If pattern equipment is available, or should be included as a line item.
  • The order quantity and schedule for delivery.
  • Engineering drawings are essential and should be attached to your RFQ.

RFQs can be sent to us by US mail, FAX, or by email with a PDF attachment. See our contact information on this web site