Non-Ferrous Foundry: Brass | Bronze | Aluminum

  CAPABILITY We specialize in low to mid volumes. All specialty orders are welcomed.

  FLEXIBILITY We are both capable and willing to adapt to your needs. 

  Our sense of URGENCY is UNMATCHED in the casting industry.

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223 Edna AveNeenahWI 54956, USA

Why choose Anchor Castings for your Non-Ferrous Needs?

Our foundry has been in business since 1905 and we are located in Neenah Wisconsin, U.S.A. Aftermarket rush jobs, prototypes, and small quantity production (1-500 pieces) are our specialty, and we have no minimum order requirements. Our pricing is always subjective but we feel it is fair and competitive. We frequently produce sand castings that weigh only a few ounces and we also pour castings that weigh up to 700 pounds. We are ready to work with you and we can compete favorably with anyone in the U.S.A.

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  DIVERSITY In any given year, we work with more than 50 different industries. 

  AVAILABILITY Every customer receives the attention they need to get the product they want.


  STABILITY For more than 100 years, Anchor Castings Inc. has been producing castings. 

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   SERVICE Over 10,000 consecutive orders have been shipped on-time or early.